Thursday, January 11, 2007

H.R., 1-2-3...

WASHINGTON D.C.--It appears that the Democrats are putting the ball in the GOP's court on legislation that will make the lives of Americans safer, healthier, and happier. While they have the majorities to pass the legislation, in the case today of Stem Cell research-funding, it's unknown how-many Republicans in the Senate will join them. It cannot be overemphasized how politically-toxic the President has become to GOP incumbents over Iraq. With the escalation of the war as a backdrop, it's possible we are going to be seeing more defections from the GOP.

I'm impressed by the numbering-system of the legislation, beginning with the implementation of some of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations as "H.R.1", this is an acceptable and honorable display of transparency. Not that it's new, mind-you, and doesn't prove anything about performance or intent, but it's a part of a good-start. Indeed, other incoming-majorities have done the the GOP. Yes, we're watching Democrats, like never-before. The internet was a pipe-dream when you last controlled Congress. The main-reason is to say this is a "new-beginning", another Congress. They're also easy to look-up on an internet search, but remember to specify which Congress session (this is the 110th). So be it.

Contrary to GOP-lies, H.R.3 was once H.R.810, under the do-nothing 109th Congress. It actually got the votes it needed to pass in mid-2005, but not enough to override "the decider" when he granted one of his few vetoes. It's strange, considering he's already jettisoned his religious-base that he would consider vetoing it--but he's a contrarian kind-of-guy. Especially when legislation is slated to help save and improve the quality of our lives, and in a way that will give us real results in our lifetime. The majority of legislation being pushed right-now in Congress isn't new, it was either vetoed by Bush, rejected in-toto by the then GOP-majority, or it didn't pass with enough of a majority-vote. This is the uncharted territory. Can they get the votes to override the veto?