Saturday, January 20, 2007


BAGHDAD/KARBALA--13 were from the helicopter-crash, the rest were combat casualties, or actual deaths. Expect things to worsen, and expect the President to continue to ignore the public-will. I'll be watching the hearings! It's fun to watch people who fear banality being forced to wallow in it. How many Iraqis died today? It must have been a couple-hundred. That's criminal, that' s insane. This makes Vietnam look meaningful. At least they had some actual framework, like the "domino theory." Yes, it was wrong--but what did the Bush administration have? "WMDs". "Mushroom clouds."

Then it was "to spread democracy", and-on-and-on. I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know by saying "it was about the money." Of course it was, but then why do some of us always fall for it? Pavlov's dogs never drooled so much, as some of the public did when war seemed likely. But, to the credit of many Americans, the Bush administration had a hard-time selling the war initially. It was the GOP-majority and the press who were instrumental in all this (and all-but-a-handful of Democrats opposed it). The New York Times held-back information on several stories that were damaging to the neocons in the White House. Fortunately, a few of them are going to be under-oath in the Libby trial.


PS: Yes, I have had to update the number of dead in the byline two-times now.