Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Miami, Florida
--The man who coordinated the break-in at the Watergate Hotel into Democratic campaigning offices (and many other "black bag" jobs, like the break-in at Daniel Ellsberg's shrink's office) on June 17th, 1972 is dead at 88. He was also involved in the CIA operations into Guatemala in 1954, and the botched Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, amongst others. He also wrote shitty spy-novels, as many disgraced CIA-operatives do upon their "retirement" (they never retire--unless they're killed).

JFK assassination researchers have pointed-out that Hunt could be one of the "tramps" at Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963. I have seen the photographic evidence, and there is a case for it. Bye-bye shill, you had to declare bankruptcy in 1997 due to fines accrued from the Watergate break-in. Good-riddance to you.
He has a new book coming-out in April--fortunately, he won't be able to profit from it now. What a C.R.E.E.P. What a traitor. Hunt is the man on-the-left in the photo.