Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a Plane/Gerald Ford/Loofahs

Is that motherf***ing-movie about Airforce One? Does Samuel L. Jackson have any credibility left? Gerald Ford moved-closer to being Dick Cheney today--he got a pacemaker. Now, we can have TWO cyborg-Presidents alive at-once! Man, that George W. Bush chimp and his anti-science stance, what a loon. A monkey refusing-to-believe that they are a monkey somehow makes-sense, and sounds like a science-fiction story I read once. Was it by Harlan Ellison ("I Have No Brain, and I Must Scream")?,_and_I_Must_Scream
God love yah', Harlan, you've outdone almost every human-being in the cynicism department--even myself. It's simple, we're monkies folks, and primates are mean and senseless. Maybe we need to start throwing-shit at the guys who clean our cages? Oh yeah, that Ford-guy...

Soon, very-soon, Gerald Ford's spirit will have fully-transmigrated into the shell of George W. Bush, since there are some vacancies. And soon, he'll be tripping-over everything, and the next Chevy Chase will become-addicted to percodan from doing impressions of him. After that, he'll have to go to the Betty Ford clinic. What would St. Augustine say about this? Problem: what if Bush falls, killing-himself? Maybe he'll only keep tripping over consonants and vowels...they say words cause permanent-damage. How will the high-price of petroleum-products affect the adult-film industry? Will our hippocampus revolt, rending our frontal-lobes for the crime of selective-memory? Did Michele Foucault look too-much like Telley Savalas, and will someone please tell Bill O' Reilly about the joys of escourt services? Why fantasies about loofahs? Why do crying-children stop to take-a-drink, then resume their crying?