Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Iran's theocratic-President Challenges America's theocratic-President to a Debate

This could be interesting. We all know that George W. Bush will refuse the challenge (pussy), but he should for his image. Let's-face-it: most of us on the Left hate him because he isn't a "sport". He just won't drop-the-attitude and play-along with everyone-else--you know, just 60% of America that's against-him. Without Giant Baby Man (Rove) to smear the Iranian in real-time, it's going to be tough, though the translation-gear would provide a good cover for his prompting. Who's on the other-end, anyway? NO silly, not Jesus, Jesus. If I had to bet $50 on it, I'd say it was Rove.

They could do a preemptive air-strike on Iran before the debates, then maybe they could win. Maybe.
I know the Bush administration claims they have the Red Batphone to God, but what if you have to come-up with the goods? Katrina--oh, don't mention that one. Maybe Jesus did warn Bush that the levees would be topped for four-hours, but I think Clinton knew-about the problem (Rhodes scholar). Honestly, the Presidents and their staffers must have a "political time-bomb" list, and the levees surely were at the top of it when Dumbya sidled-into the Oval office. Next-to the enemies list(s).

Maybe Clinton's staff didn't transmit that one to em', you know, as a surprise-gift! Maybe the list was on one of the computers and ballpoints they made-off-with. After-all, the levees were a bipartisan-deal in mismanagement, being underfunded by both sides-of-the-aisle for years.

Never-forget: the troops didn't arrive with genuine rescue-teams into New Orleans for eight-days. Before that, it was the Coast Guard, God bless them, and lots of ordinary-people. Hopefully, they won't be touched by the same "reforms" that FEMA was. It took less-than 2hrs. for Federal troops to enter San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. Sure, there were problems with coordination, but communications were primitive by today's standards. No, lack-of-will and expertise is what occurred in Louisiana and Mississippi last-year, and no will to do anything substantial. It was preemptive, alright.