Friday, August 25, 2006

George W. Bush Runs-Home to Mommie & Daddy

Sorry, but what a pussy. Your President has gone running-home to the Bush clan's compound in Kennebunkport. Wha? Yes, he was born in Connecticut, he's not-entirely the Deliverance-extra you thought he was--must be part of why he pardoned that guy Randall Neece Deal, from the movie Deliverance. Was he the one who told Ned Beatty to "squeal like a pig"?

Unfortunately-not, according to CNN: 'Deal's "Deliverance" performance consisted of a single line: "It ain't nothing but the biggest [fuckin'] river in the state!" For the record, Deal did not play one of the surly locals involved in an infamous rape scene with actor Ned Beatty.' That sucks, I wish he had. Deal was pardoned for a 40-year-old conviction for moonshining. He's now a Georgia Sheriff (moonshiner). When Beatty was here to film his part in the dumbass-movie "Rudy," an old High School chum yelled the same lines from the rape-scene at him. Ned didn't take-kindly to it, and became very-disturbed and upset. Apparently, he still has scars from that. Scars that will never heal. Some directors just want too-much realism, I guess.

Anyway, they were shooting in his ma's bar as an stand-in for Corby's Bar. Why? Someone got-whacked by the mafia in the actual-place, and...uh, you get-the-point, heh-heh. Rumor has it that Rudy likes to hit-on underage-girls around here, usually while he's doing odd-jobs like putting up aluminum-siding poorly. Oh yeah, Ned Beatty: again, he got pretty freaked-out by the "Ewww-ewwwws!" Oh well. Burt Reynolds claims that film still disturbs old Ned, so I'll cut-him some slack.

Bush's second-vacation in a month: Yup, he's in Kennebunkport, Maine, vacation-spot for the effete, East Coast elites--his family. But we know why he's there--dad's connections and advice. I wonder if cyanide-capsules figure-in to that advice? Hope-so. Since Katherine Harris (aka "The Joker") cannot steal votes in Florida's congressional-election, and Bob Taft (aka "Moon Mullins") and his cronies are on-ice in Ohio for various-reasons (Jack Abramoff, aka "The Hat"), the GOP might actually have to face a legal-election. We know what will happen if the Democrats don't fuck-up--investigations will finally move-forward since they can no-longer be blocked by GOP-reps in both Houses. Bush knows there is a good chance he'll be impeached, or worse. Worse? What's worse than that? Prison. Hey, we're a nation of laws, or we're NOT. We know which laws have been broken, your President told-us. Ewwwwww! Ewwww! Squeal like a pig!!!