Friday, August 18, 2006

Jesu: Justin K. Broadrick's Back.

Just a little note here: I've been-listening to Justin's music since 1991, back in the glory-days of Godflesh, Scorn (hi Mick!), Napalm Death and Kevin Martin's God (as well as the numerous side-projects). In 2005, the self-titled "Jesu" LP was released, and it got some rave-reviews and sold-well. 2006: Justin released a new-EP this-year called "Silver"on Hydrahead records, and it is a treat. It sounds-like metal at first-listen, but has that layered-quality of My Bloody Valentine, and more. If you like music that has feeling and emotion, and expresses the spirit of our times, get this. You won't feel so-alone anymore, it's affirming and excellent. Also, be sure to check-out the music of ISIS (owners of Hydrahead), who sport a similar, atmospheric-sound. Long-live the new-flesh!!

PS: Check Justin's THREE-REMIXES of Agoraphobic Nosebleed on the bonus-disc of "PCP-Torpedo", they're earth-shattering and decadent. Also, check Kevin Martin's "The Bug" project, some insane hardcore-techno dancehall with genuine Jamaican-vocalists Daddy Freddy and Bounty Hunter!