Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Out, damn spot!" : Who Killed Good King Duncan?

Sooo, running as an "independent", Joe? It's obvious that people in Connecticut don't want you anymore, yet you feel you have the right (at least the wherewithal) to impose-yourself on the voters? It won't work, Joe, the majority of voters who voted against-you did it because you STILL support our military-prescence in Iraq. Are you stupid, Joe? Hey Joe, you must feel the voters aren't really your boss, right? Right. Now, the other two-faced scumbags are lining-up behind Lamont, because they know you and your direction is a dead-end. Take Hillary: her just-gave $5,000 to Lamont's campaign, and very-publicly! Well, she said she would give it to whoever the winner was--it's good to see her taking-a-stand (hah!). Here's some of her comments from her site:

It is time to move away from influence-peddling [while the gettin's good!], right wing ideology [that I might have to turn-my-bakc on, now] and incompetence that stems from the well-qualified taking marching orders from the well-connected [like Hillary, and John Kerry]. It is incumbent [is this a Freudian-slip, the word has two-applications here] upon us as Democrats [as "incumbents"]to make the case for change, because we have to persuade some of our fellow citizens that they, too, must be ready for a change. Let’s just run through some of the choices that the Washington Republicans made. Now they could have saved the surplus, invested in Social Security and Medicare, paid down the debt, covered the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan [she's still-backing the wars there, here] and paid the modest tax cuts for the middle class and working poor. Instead, they chose massive tax cuts aimed at those who needed them the least [yes, she actually voted-against this, here-here!], tax loopholes [excepting capital-gains taxes] and giveaways for oil companies to top-off their record breaking profits.

You're toast, Joe, it's over. Go ban some Hollywood movies and videogames as a mayor, or City Councilman in some jerkwater, go sell some poor-people a lemon. At least you can do less-damage there. We the people have decided to fire your worthless-ass, and for-good. Yes, you look stupid, too. It was safe to sound-like a Republican from 1994 until last-year, you idiot, but not anymore. It's over. Lamont, while he's rich, at least looks-smart, and he appears willing to take America in a different-direction. You look like a fishmonger, you stink, Joe. If Lamont doesn't deliver, we promise he'll look like you in ten-years--the look of a pathetic-loser, in all-respects. When even two-faced bums like Harry Reid, Obama and Clinton won't back your independent-run, well, you know your politician's class-loyalties only extend so-far. You aren't patrician, Joe, you're a POWER-BROKER. Also playing-it-safe is my own Sen. Evan Bayh, who STILL won't come-out against the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan, remember?). But this is OK, since we can beat these people into the direction we want them in. No-spine, no-problem, we're onto you, descendants of snake-oil salesmen. Democratic politicians, take-note of this man's fate.
Americans love a good tarrin'-n-'featherin'. It has been too-long since the last-one.