Saturday, August 19, 2006

Save Joe L-I-E-berman: Some Ancient HIstory from August

This is old-news: College Republicans in Connecticut sent a mass-email to get-out and support Lieberman in the primary--he lost. How does all this look, with all his repeated-denials of being cozy with the GOP and the Bush administration, especially now that they are ACTIVELY helping-him? It looks like, yes, he lied. The Connecticut Post had this to say in August 4th:

Sen. Joe Lieberman’s campaign denied Thursday that they are hiring Republican college students to help get out the vote in Tuesday’s primary. “It is another lie the Lamont campaign is pedaling,” said Dan Gerstein, a Lieberman volunteer and former spokesman for the three-term senator.

The email was discovered by "liberal web sites", and published all-over the blogosphere at sites like DailyKos, etc. . I wouldn't exactly say that these sites are directly-connectedcut (pun-intended) to the Lamont campaign, but without any prompting, that was the Lieberman-response. But, when you're a liar and a crook, you believe everyone else is too. Sorry, but this isn't always true. And so, it has always been obvious that Lieberman has been a Republican in deep-cover, even to the most casual-observer. Now we know-for-certain, and it's time to blast him out of the Senate forever. He's not-alone, there are others who have to go, many-more.