Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Iraq and Jonbenet Ramsey: Media-White-outs and Baseball

As the President would heartily-agree (in-public): Jonbenet Ramsey's murder over ten-years-ago is NOT related-to Iraq. But, he admitted-this about Iraq and 9/11 this-week, so he's got problems that prevent him lying as-much. That's what Karl Rove and his talking-necks in the media are for. The old bait-and-switch is the only-way to steal those bases, or to build permanent-ones in Iraq while the public is sexually-obsessed about a dead-girl. We earned this Presidency by allowing Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton to deregulate nearly-everything in-favor of Big Business. Americans got complacent, greedy, lazy and took-for-granted the sacrifices of the labor movment--we look-like a bunch of benched-players.

Remember, the Prez is a BIGTIME baseball-fan, and his team is kicking-our-asses. There's hope--there's always hope--but we're still sitting on the sidelines like pussies. Better people in the Ukraine rejcted their rigged-elections and took-to-the-streets, they left the bench to kick-some-ass. They succeeded. We know this. Still, Castro could kick-his-ass as a pitcher, and he doesn't snort-coke, drink, or smoke-dope. He also doesn't have rumors about him being bisexual, while George W. Bush does. I bet he could get Bush to strike-out from his hospital-bed TODAY. Yep, tiny Cuba is winning-against the American Establishment, while we the people are losing the same-fight. People with virtually no-resources are winning, equipped only with the WILL. We are pathetic. We are the Cubs. It's easier to fixate on a dead white-girl who was likely murdered by her pedophile-father, than to have to face-responsibility and route the neocons, the GOP, and their masters in the shadows of power.

But consider-this: There is an internal-contradiction in all democracies. Its strengths are also its weaknesses. People essentially have the ability to undo democracy, because of democracy (see Plato's and Aristotle's criticisms of democracy). Our best-example for the fall of a democracy is the one we know best: Athenian democracy. It was because of the First Peloponessian war and the formation of the Delian League, that democracy crumbled in Athens. Once a legitimate-force in fighting the Persians (sound familiar?), it was misused by the oligarchs for imperialism. There was a misguided Sicilian-campaign, and others, until eventually the treasury was drained. Nuff-said. Reason had been abandoned, as it has now. It was a contention of the ancients that tyranny is only possible with democracy as its prelude. We all get the world we deserve. Live like a schmuck, die like one.