Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Conrad Burns' Dancing-teeth!

Yep, he's the same guy who berated firefighters in Montana for doing a "piss-poor job" at an airport-encounter. Now, today, the Republican Senator admits he's a loser in the Billings Gazette:

And just like I say, I'm the only guy in the world probably getting beat running unopposed," Burns said. "But I can self-destruct in one sentence. Sometimes in one word."The Burns comments came from a transcript prepared by Montana Democrats, who videotape Burns at every public event. The Burns campaign did not dispute the transcript.

Keep-talking, I'm thinking the "one word" is "nigger". What a back-slapping hick. He isn't the only kiss-ass carpetbagger from Missouri--remember John Ashcroft? He was the only senatorial-candidate to lose-to a dead man, just ask CNN:


I'm hoping that Montanans show the same reason and logic in their choice. Clearly, a dead man can do less-harm to us than the shambling-idiot that is Conrad Burns.

PS: He has ties to Jack Abramoff, but you probably knew this. www.defeatconradburns.com