Thursday, August 17, 2006

Karl Rove holds a Poll: Save Joe L-I-E-berman!!

Quinnipiac University--known for it's neutrality--released a poll today stating that Joe Liberman leads Ned Lamont by ten-points (49%/38%) amongst registered-voters in Connecticut. Yeah? In July's WSJ, they were quoted "that 51% of likely voters would support Lieberman, with Lamont second at 27%." Well, it didn't work-out that way. Polls aren't about accurate-predictions, so why is it skewed in-favor of GOP-aims now--again? According to the poll, registered Republican voters are abandoning Alan Schlesinger, and going-towards Lieberman--a onetime-Democrat (not-really). Odd, he used to be called "centrist", something a Republican wouldn't vote-for...unless one has no-principles except money-hoarding. The polls have been wrong before, and it's time for a major-fight against Lieberman. This man must be destroyed as a political-entity in the court of public-opinion, and the voting-booth. But, the timing of this poll is definitely suspicious.