Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bob Ney: "Hey man, I got a FAMILY!!"

Washington D.C.--And so did concentration camp guards, Bobbie. Maybe you never read the minutes from the Nuremburg trials--"I was just following orders", isn't a defense. GOP Rep. Bob Ney (Ohio) is now the third GOP scumbag to go down (pun-intended) because he took-bribes from Jack Abramoff.

The Washington Post's Johnathan Weisman is reporting today that Ney was "urge[d]" by House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Oh.) not to seek reelection.

Well, Bobbie being the kind of moron to take orders regardless of the consequences did just that since being a congressional representative means mindless obedience to people who are going to fuck you.

It didn't take much persuasion, they just did what all employers do to Americans: they held his family and their future over-his-head, ..."reminding him that with a son in college and a daughter nearing college age, he will need money," according to several congressional Republican aides.

If he lost his House seat for the party, Boehner is said to have cautioned, Ney could not expect a lucrative career on K Street to pay those tuition bills, along with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees piling up." How nice it was for him to sweeten-the-pot, except it was with corn syrup. Like a "good" American, Bobbie bent-over and took it. Hell, we all do.

In his statement issued to the press, he said, “Ultimately this decision came down to my family. I must think of them first, and I can no longer put them through this ordeal." I honestly think this poor dumb schmuck with the horrible hairpiece really did think of his family. Too much, because he put himself and his family above the common good, and the obvious interests of his constituents and this nation. This is hardly unique, most Americans think this way, and it's erroneous and amoral.

Do I think Ney's guilty? Absolutely, he's even had staff-members being subpoenaed about whether-or-not he took free meals (man, these guys come-cheap!) and a Golf trip to Scotland (sound familiar?) from lobbyists.

Wine me, dine me...you know the rest.

This blog wishes the GOP luck in finding someone in Ohio who isn't tainted to take Ney's place, they'll need it. All of this is about distancing liabilities like Bob Ney from the GOP, but when they're all corrupt, where do they turn? On each other--naturally--which is good. Calling another Willy Lohmann, death of a congressman. A-men.