Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jack Carter, Lord of Vegas?

OK, Jack Carter won the Democratic-primary for Nevada's senatorial-race, this is good. His GOP-nemesis John Ensign (does this mean he's a lower-rank? why not?) has been a staunch-supporter of the Bush-agenda (voted yes for the war), but also has a pretty solid-base in Nevada. Yes, he's no Joe Lieberman, as it's hard to be more-supportive of the President than when one is a Democrat. Or is it? The Carter-candidacy seems to auger a revolt within the Democratic-ranks, though Jack's connections to business would make many a Republican jealous: offshore-banking in Bermuda, and his own business there! This deserves scrutiny, but I feel assured it will next-month...after-all, Jimmy was on the Trilateral Commission, he's as establishment as one can get.
The images on the right are from the Bohemian Grove "Annals Book", 1987-1996. The people who feed Moloch our children, how quaint.