Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Duhhhh, hey Rocky, let's invade Cuba!

Let's not, shall we? Or, why not--if you want American-troops on ANOTHER suicide-mission that would be unwinnable, that is. And hey, with all that war-material (sorry, no accents) blowing-up in Cuba, it would cause a demand for MORE! Indeed, Cuba's defenses are made-up-of a "people's defense", and a smaller army...well, don't trust me, look at the implications of this (from :

Since the early 1980's the Cuban military has prepared for an invasion by the US. Miles of tunnels have been built to counter an anticipated invasion. The primary threat is seen as a direct attack from the Guantanamo Naval Base and bases nearby in the United States. Under Castro, Cuba became a highly militarized society. From 1975 until the late 1980s, massive Soviet military assistance enabled Cuba to upgrade its military capabilities and project power abroad. The tonnage of Soviet military deliveries to Cuba throughout most of the 1980s exceeded deliveries in any year since the military build-up during the 1962 missile crisis. In 1990, Cuba's air force, with about 150 Soviet-supplied fighters, including advanced MiG-23 Floggers and MiG-29 Fulcrums, was probably the best equipped in Latin America. In 1994, Cuba's armed forces were estimated to have 235,000 active duty personnel [it's assumed all of the weaponry is still in-place].

Yesss, this has changed since-then, but the thrust is their ability to "project their power", and internationally. Cuba no-longer has troops in Africa or Latin America aiding-insurgencies, but that isn't the issue-at-hand. The issue now is invasion by the United States and her allies. That is another enchilada altogether. Russia and China are providing Cuba with military-advice, and Russia has sealed-the-deal on 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles (aka AK-47s), with promises of a Kalashnikov-factory also agreed-upon. Then, there is Venezuela, a nation now working-successfully to remove Cuba from "isolation" (not-really a genuine-isolation, as Cuba has open-relations and trade with over 150 nations, just not the US, Israel and the UK). The plan is two-pronged: take-down Venezuela, since she is providing oil and military-advisors to Cuba, as noted by James Petras in his March 27th, 2005 Counterpunch article:

"US strategy toward destroying the Cuban revolution is increasingly following a "two step" [cha-cha!] approach: first overthrow the Chavez government in Venezuela [potentially through proxy-forces invading-from Colombia], cut off the energy supply and trade links and then proceed toward economic strangulation and military attack. The "two step" strategy against Cuba, involves the elaboration of a calibrated action plan to overthrow the Chavez government."

Thus-far, it seems the Bush administration is 100%-incapable of even the first-goal--removing the democratically-elected President, HugoChavez. But hey, now we at-least know why Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush have given so-much counterinsurgency and drug-interdiction aid to Colombia's oligarchs! Stay-tuned, the neocons are probably going to HELP in the spread of Leftist states throughout Latin America! Viva la...Bush? Keep screwing-up, boys.

Net-gain for the State Department: Anti-Castro Cubans were caught at the Watergate break-in, have populated terrorist-attacks in Africa, Asia and Cuba, and were probably involved in the JFK-assassination. It's kinda difficult to lie-about "dissidents illegally held-prisoner" in Cuba, when we do it at Guantanamo. It ain't just about Castro, you idiots.