Sunday, August 06, 2006


You know the world is has gone insane when 200-people decide that a protest
is in-order at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Museum because KISS hasn't been-inducted.
No, not over the wars in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan--over KISS, a group whose bassist/singer has stated several-times that he thinks his fans are "stupid", and that he "can't-play". Amazing. But it gets even-worse: Old Gene Simmons has a new reality-show coming. Mhhhh-hmm. A reality-show. I guess that means he gets to trot-out groupies the age of his children (and-younger) onscreen! "Who did KISS influence, and how-much do they suck?", should be the question. OK, as a kid, the Kabuki-makeup was interesting, but not-for-long.
By 1980, not-many people cared, except the diehards. But, they may-as-well put the schmucks in there, the Museum is a joke that is only about money and ego. Most rock is sadly arch-conservative when you really look at it closely. At 50+ years, I think it's safe to reiterate that the genre is no-longer-relevant culturally (dead). Long-live the good artists and their legacies, we know who they are.

Prediction: the Religious Right won't make-a-peep over it, but the show will fail.