Sunday, August 20, 2006

It Stays-Here: Did George W. Bush Blow a Man in Vegas in 1984?

This one has been around for-awhile: the story that George W. Bush arranged to have a bisexual-encounter in a Vegas Hotel with Leola McConnell (a 2006 Gubenatorial candidate) and Victor Ashe (now ambassador to Poland, a homophobic nation)? Rumors persist that during the encounter, Bush gave Ashe head. Sure, I know, this NEVER happens, and has never-happened in the political-history of the world. Certainly not in America. Ancient Rome, maybe, but not America. Maybe off-the-record, guy-stuff, but never a public-admission. Of-course, it could be total-bullshit, too. However...

This is the type-of-story that would give the Roman-chronicler Suetonius something to-write-about. In his "Lives of the Twelve Caesars", written-from the internal archives of the Empire, the chronicler wrote of the numerous debaucheries of the early Roman Emperors. While many of these stories were well-known, many had been held in ministries of state--they were literally "state secrets". It is well-known that our own system was founded-upon many of the same structures and principles of Rome as it was understood 200-years-ago--many-of-which were wrong, and idealisitic interpretations.

Like Augustus, an emperor that George W. Bush shows some similarities to, it wouldn't be strange for our own Patrician President to have bisexual-tendencies. Augustus's daughter, Julia, was known to fuck anyone in the streets of Rome. Why? She hated her father's hypocricy and exposed-it. In his will, Augustus would not allow her to be buried with him, oh well. Where are these kind-of women today? They should speak-out, but would the Press listen? Apparently, they've heard these rumors, but have they been called-off of investigating-them?

The problem is, it's a political-liability in Puritanical America, and even in Rome, Augustus had to hide many of his own sexual-activities. Why? There were actually morals of family, abstinence and marital-fidelity then. Yes, in ancient-Rome. Augustus was one of the first-leaders in the history of the world to cement his rule around being a "leader of the people", and an upholder of "family-values". The problem was: he was a hypocrite, just like many politicians are today, and he couldn't keep it in-his-pants. Apparently, there is a possibility that George W. Bush cannot either. Who knows? We might know the truth in our lifetimes--but I wouldn't wager-on-it. The truth is probably more mundane, but it could be even-darker. If you have any tips, let-me-know, I'm a natural-voyeur. The Empire never ended.