Monday, August 14, 2006


Yep, Fidel Castro is still alive!

Here's a photo from Cuba's Granma service, part of a series. While the moron pundits scream that they're "doctored", we get doctored photos from Iraq and Lebanon without any comment. More of that Goebbels touch (of death). There is no press but the blogs! Journalism students, drop out, your degree is worthless...just ask Anderson Cooper.

All the stories put out there by the State Department were wishful thinking since they cannot kill him or the Cuban revolution. I know, it's sad that the Mafia and criminal corporations were run out, what a horrible shame, I know.

Anti-Castro Cubans: you are whores, lapdogs and rubes for people who view you as "spics." We on the Left pity you, you aren't even Cuban; you left the place 50 years ago. Wake up, it's over, and if Raul died after Fidel their children and other Cubans would take their places.

Chavez: how can you dislike a world leader who calls George W. Bush "an asshole"? You'd have to be one, naturally.