Friday, August 18, 2006

Found-On-Road-Dead/Fix-Or-Repair-Daily: Ford is Dying

Today's great-news for American-workers and the unions: Ford is dying! Yes, those "Captains of Industry", those wise, brave men who have run the company have blown-it. Never-mind worker-controlled plants, never-mind all the suggestions that the company was making vehicles that were barely fuel-efficient, and never-mind all the recalls. American Executives know-best, and know how to direct-us into the 21st Century--as a bankrupt nation. But, oh well, at least they have their golden-parachutes, unlike everyone-else:

We know this decision will have a dramatic impact on our employees, as well as our suppliers," Chairman and Chief Executive Bill Ford said in a note to employees. "This is, however, the right call for our customers, our dealers and our long-term future. (Yahoo news)

Hey, at-least the customers (and most-importantly, the investors)Ford has-left will be served. But, thank-you to all the Union Bosses who cozied-up to managment and ownership all those years-ago, thanks-alot. Congratulations: you have wrecked an entire-nation, and the well-being of America, which now barely has an industrial-base. Soon, we won't be making-anything except insurrection, and your victims will be looking-for-you.