Wednesday, November 15, 2006


1. Pathological Compilation--Godflesh, Coil, Carcass, Terminal Cheesecake, Napalm Death, Stretch Heads, & Silverfish. Grind and shoegazer bliss, circa 1989.

2. Jamie Liddell--Multiply (best soul music in ages)

3. Captain Beefheart--Lick My Decals Off Baby (perhaps the best of the 69-70 era Magic Band!)

4. MAIN-Hz (Robert Hampson of Loop, great experimental guitar-sound, kinda ambient)

5. Knut-Alter (superb electronic remixes of riff-metal by Mick Harris, Justin Broadrick, kk Null, dalek, dither, spectre, francisco lopez, entayso, asmus tietchens, etc.)

6.Yusef Lateef-Part of the Search (1971 LP, great jazz flute improv)

7. GOD-Anatomy of Addiction (1994, noise-metal with woodwinds! Kevin Martin at his best)

8. Ornette Coleman--Skies of America (1971, Ornette's orchestral compositions are incredible and frightening!)

9. Throbbing Gristle--24 Box (Nearly every live-show TG ever did, it's pretty stunning)

10. 13th Floor Elevators--The Psychedlic Sounds of...

11. PiL-2nd Edition/Metal Box (perhaps the best rock album ever)

12. Head of David--Dustbowl (1986-88 post-punk with a touch of metal. Could do without the solos, though, we hadn't gotten over that stage yet...)

13. Lee Scratch Perry-Return of the Superape (dub, say-no-more)