Tuesday, November 28, 2006


IRAQ--Having seen the worst, my source contends that it's situation-critical in Iraq. Religious factionalism is unstoppable in-country now, it cannot be fixed. Iraq isn't a real country, it was created by the British after WWI, and they arbitrarily subdivided all these groups into a geopolitical entity that could only be governed by tyranny. We all know all this, yet the American media is just barely beginning to report it as fact. Insulting, isn't it? Perhaps this is part of why newspaper-subscriptions are plummeting, and why when the other media-outlets actually take a stand and vocalize what is really happening in Iraq that they begin gaining-on Fox's ratings. And while the FCC grants people like Murdoch a licence-to-kill on the American airwaves (legally-owned by the public, incidentally), Al-Jazeera is barred from any access to even one cable system in the United States. Is someone so convinced the 'conventional wisdom' is wrong? It would have that we aren't 'at war with Iran', but we are. We've been sending-in Special Forces and Rangers for almost three-years now, according to my source. They're doing reconnaissance and hitting infrastructure-targets with raids. That's an act of war, kids.

Are they afraid that if any shred-of-truth was put alongside it, their 'line' would simply vanish as the obvious rubbish it is? Yes. This was the reason to gut the Fairness Doctrine of the FCC in 1987, ordered by Ronald Reagan and Roger Aisles. To their credit, the Democratic party of that time fought it twice. The last-time in 1993, when they attempted to make it law. Nonetheless, technology fills-the-gaps.The internet is going to continue to expose these things. You can arrest us, but it won't stop anything for long. Arresting bloggers is a clear act of desperation--it couldn't be any clearer. The jig is up. Your boy in the White House has given the game away, and the public has noticed--even the kids. You could have twenty Trilateral Commissions, and it wouldn't help. Yes, you'll be fighting for your scraps for an entire generation, the genie is out of the bottle. Adam Smith was right: the 'wealth of nations' rises and falls, with time. But the acceleration of this is thanks to George W. Bush and his incompetence. We can be thankful that empires end, but where will the next begin? Probably with China, and the world will have to wear them down too. To my source: keep your head down, and be safe. This isn't over yet.