Wednesday, November 01, 2006


South Bend,Indiana--I was watching a Chris Chocola (GOP) advertisement yesterday, and it dawned-on- me how completely-insane this moron is. The ad was something that would have worked in 2004, but when it's obvious America is never, ever going to 'win' in Iraq (what that means is anyone's guess). Not ever.

But Chocola, sitting cocksure in his Mr. Rogers sweater, leans-forward to the camera to tell us widdle' constituents that we 'must win for the safety of our families.' I thank God we are losing, but it would be sweet if nobody was getting-killed--Iraqis or Americans. The advertisement really flies-in-the-face of reality when we have lost 103-soldiers in October alone for an illegal-war without any tangible-aims (except cutting the flow of Iraqi-oil), and yet I think his Democratic-opponent Mr. Donnelly is going to lose to such an uncharismatic pud.

But Iraq is all he has, and it will be Chris Chocola's legacy too. I plan to remind-him until both of us are dead, I'm his political-memory and shadow for life. If he loses and ever runs for public-office again, he's my ONE cause. Activists, take-note: stop trying to fight some generalized-nouns, go-after real, tangible subjects and targets-for-exposure and ridcule. Play dirty, no-holds-barred, because nice-nice doesn't work. You have to have RISK for results.

Chocola's opponent, Mr. Joe Donnelly: he's going to lose. Why? He STILL hasn't come-out against-the-war, he just won't do it. Local anti-war activists aren't exactly prodding-him, either. But this kind of wishy-washiness is probably part of why he lost the last two-times against a Republican--Donnelly just won't act like an opposition-candidate.

Either he's listening too much to campaign advisers (people we should all be watching very-closely), or he just lacks any balls. He has so much ammunition--more than any candidate could hope-for--and he just won't use any of it. Maybe he's just too-nice, though he owns a local-business, so how nice could he be? Iraq is a game played by and for elites, which is why they should die on the battlefields. I'd volunteer Chocola and his kids for front-line duty against the Sunni militias. We'll put them in a poorly-armored Hummer, with no flak-jackets or adequate headgear.

If only that missle had hit Chocola's C-130--but it had a defense system, installed just for Christopher and his congressional-peers. ( & (

While Saudi Arabia's ruling-class continues to be the paymaster of extremist-terrorism, and while Pakistan still trains them, the GOP and Bush administration cover for them. They protect-them, the average American and the Saudi and Pakistani-peoples. The American State Department has created this mess, even before Bush.

Yes, even Bill Clinton is to blame. We supported and became entangled with nations who provide us oil, but who also oppress their people. They then take this reasonable rage against-them, and then channel it into extremist-causes for their own geopolitical aims. It's not a secret.

Well, except to people who would vote for Chris Chocola--the stubborn idiots. Yes, it would be best if some people didn't ever vote. This is an unpopular-position on the Left, but it has merit. After all, the Nazis were elected legally into the Reichstag, something the GOP cannot say since the elections of 2000 (indeed!). Even Hugo Chavez was elected legally. If you want people voting the next Adolf Hitler into-office so you can feel-better about everybody voting, you should check yourself. Yes, you can be too liberal.

So, when Chris Chocola was leaning into the camera to explain to us child constituents that we all have it wrong, and that Iraq is winnable--were you angry about it? If not, you're either hopelessly-ignorant, or you can't feel anything anymore. It was insulting, like his whole time in office, or his very existence. Still, if he loses, Jeff Gannon has some gay-hustler work for him on K Street. Does it matter if the GOP keeps their majority? I don't think so, they're clearly self-destructing anyway.

Who but they could write such a disasterous-agenda? Who is resigning-in-droves because they have to? Who made them go into Iraq? Who made Mark Foley touch congressional pages, and who forced-them into covering-it-up? Who made them accept bribes from lobbyists like Jack Abramoff? If they win the elections, it won't go away.

Yes, that's right Republicans, your party is over. From 1981, then 1994-to-now, you had your anti-1960s. Tim McVeigh was your Weathermen [Ed., 08.26.2008-Or was he?], and Gingrich was your Bobby. We can thank God that Reagan wasn't your JFK, and none of the right will ever produce an MLK Jr. You're going-the-way of the Whig Party, the people you replaced 150-years-ago. This time, it's over for similar-reasons--a split over the role of the Federal government.

Traditional conservatives feel betrayed (welcome aboard) over this, wanting less government-encroachment into their lives, and some fiscal-responsibility (you too?). Illegal-wiretapping and the ending of Habeus Corpus qualifies as encroachment. The Bush administration and the GOP-controlled Congress have done the exact opposite of what they promised, expanding intrusive government more than the Democrats have in over 20-years. And are we any safer? Get real, ask people in New Orleans that.

Ask people in New York City, when NORAD failed them on 9/11. Yes, our entire defense system is worthless, a waste of money. Spending more on it won't help either. The only way our country can be secure is by taking care of eachother, making government do-our-bidding and providing what is necessary in the modern world: a national health care plan, laws against shipping jobs overseas (bye-bye NAFTA & CAFTA), progressive taxation of the richest, a cap on carbon-dioxide emissions, sane environmental policies, stern white collar crime laws and enforcement, stern laws restricting the power of lobbyists and corporations, defense-spending cuts, and on-and-on.

No, the GOP loses either way, which is somehow difficult for most on the so-called 'Left' to grasp. This is because, like most Americans, they have an 'all-or-none' mentality that comes from watching too-many crappy Hollywood movies (mainly action-movies and westerns). It's not an all-or-none equation, that's not how human society or objective reality works.

Here's a great-example of that idea hitting-a-wall: Yesterday, the Air Force requested $50 Billion in emergency funds to be able to airlift wounded and killed American soldiers.

Rumsfeld decides on November 15th if they qualify, conveniently after the elections, just like the Libby-trial. Yes, Scooter Libby is going to reveal a whole lot of information along with Mr. Jack Abramoff. Abramoff is so busy ratting they had to give him a desk in his cell, where for four hours every day he outlines all the bribes, gifts and cross-alliances. Many more heads are going to roll after November 7th, which alone could insure a Democratic majority. At that time, it will be appropriate to pile-on them for radical-reforms. Rest assured they will fight any gains made by working-class Americans if we let them. The fight will only have begun.

The Democrats will try to prolong this War in Iraq, you can bank-on-it. Those dozen-or-more permanent military bases are there for a reason--we're there for the long-haul according-to the GOP and Democratic Party. This is why none of them will discuss the bases. Remember what military-bases in Saudi Arabia got us? Possibly, 9/11. We'd all better get-ready, the tidal-wave of bodies (American this-time) is coming to our shores, and soon, and a lot of angry veterans. Many of them will be radicalized forever, and some of them will run for office. With some luck, we might wipe-away an entire political-generation. This would be a best-case scenario. Politicians like Chris Chocola have bet the farm with the Bush administration, and he's voted for practically everything they've wanted him to (except on immigration).

It's possible George W. Bush has come to campaign for Chris Chocola more than any other GOP-candidate, since he practically lives-here. Perhaps they promised Chocola a kingdom in Hell? I hope he gets that kingdom.
Once again, as I write this, a local SWAT team is doing their target-practice at a nearby FOP firing-range. Burst-after-burst of fully-automatic volleys, so they must need the practice...