Tuesday, November 07, 2006


THE UNITED STATES--At 11:30 PM Central Time, the Democrats have 48-seats in the Senate (the GOP, 46 so-far), and need a minimum of 51 for a tie-breaking majority. They'll also have to contend-with Joe Lieberman, but I think he can be caged and tamed. The GOP talking-necks are already barking about Bush's veto-power, but they're forgetting he cannot stop investigations into his administration's obvious pattern of criminality. He's done so-much, the Democrats will have to decide which action to break-him with. You cannot 'veto' a congressional-investigation, and if he tries, he's going to funny. It looks grim for the Bush administration, which is good for the human-race and nature. Now is the time to start calling-for federalized election-standards. There must be uniformity in all voting-districts, and all holes must be plugged. It would behoove all activists to focus on this topic while they continue calling to end the war, the illegal-wiretaps, and to investigate all GOP-criminality while they had the majority. This isn't about revenge, it's about saving our democracy, as well as for the safety of the rest of the world. If Democrats win the Senate, expect a hue-and-cry from the GOP, and 'concern' by the media that was not-present during the 2000 elections. The game is changing, and the media and their owners had better behave.