Sunday, November 05, 2006


BAGHDAD--'The judiciary is operating independently and we need to give them credit for doing their job and doing it in the way they saw fit and proper,' stated Press Secretary Tony Snow. It must be nice to live in a country where the Higher Courts are independent of the Executive, I wonder what that's like. Americans haven't known what that is like since 2000. The conviction of Hussein is for one single-event in 1982 where a group of 148 Sunnis were executed over a botched-attempt to assassinate the Iraqi-dictator. 'The idea is preposterous [Ed.-except it isn't.] that somehow we've been scheming and plotting with the Iraqis.' Actually, Anthony, your-ilk has--like Donald Rumsfeld. Why isn't he testifying about his meetings with Saddam during these trials? Right, we would never have any cause to suspect any meddling in this trial, no-cause whatsoever. Of course they did this to help them in the elections. Guess what? It's not-working. You look stupid...well, you always have, GOP. Just not as bad as the people who voted for you.

Remember-back to when Hussein was captured? The reaction was...underwhelming. Perhaps they're salting Osama away, but I doubt this--the Bush administration let him get-away at Tora Bora. Really, if the Democrats wanted to win in a big-way, they would just keep-repeating those two-words, over-and-over like the echo-chamber we've lived-in for the past-six-years. 'Tora Bora, Tora Bora, Tora Bora!' It's fun, say it to your Republican-friends (why you would have any is beyond-me). So, while the GOP tries to fondle our children, then cover-it-up, we know they can only win as criminals by fixing-the-game. Three-card Monty (the shell-game), a game that originated with the Babylonian Priest-rulers is their forte, as well as baseball's 'bait-and-switch.' Or is it bait-and-snitch (Plame)? Yes, they are that base and unintelligent. But just a tad-smarter than those who voted-for-them (twice, which makes them fools of the highest-order). The real problem is that they simply cannot control their sexual-desires because they're constantly-repressed and seeking-release. Those desires have to be expressed somewhere, somehow. Real human-beings have to have sexual-release as a part of a normal-life. Ahem.

No, it won't work anymore, Saddam stopped being the boogeyman once he was captured, just like Noriega (another former 'CIA-asset'). Also, many Americans know we put the Baathist party in-power during the 1960s, and that the CIA trained their internal-security forces (along with East Germany). This paved-the-way for the rise of Saddam Hussein, and was considered one of the CIA's 'favorite jobs.' But that's why many of the internal-documents from that period aren't available to the defense and we, the American public. Ramsey Clark acknowledged that the trial was a joke and was thrown-out for criticizing the trial as a 'sham.' He should know a sham of justice when he sees it--he's overseen (overseer?) quite-a-few of them. That's what an Attorney General does, subvert justice, nationally. Hint: might be time to make the Attorney General of the United States an elected-post. Of course, this would just give the GOP more motive to steal the elections, but we can at least increase their chances of being caught, statistically-speaking.

It was a sham (or as Groucho used to say, 'A mockery of two-shams!' but not 'Sam the Sham'), even for a mass-murderer like Hussein. Nevermind that we continued to support the Hussein-regime after the 1988 gassing of the Kurds in Northern Iraq, it's unimportant. I would provide you a link to the UPI-story detailing Hussein's CIA-grooming, but it has been pulled from the internet, though I suspect someone copied-it. Good-luck finding it. Welcome to the information-age the GOP wants you to have--a tightly-controlled corporate information-highway where unpleasant information is discarded. Americans had better start learning their own history, it's time, and ignorance is no-excuse. Isn't that what the police tell us? If-only someone would just arrest the President. I know, you'd have to beat-the-crap out of all those Secret Service men, but a cadre of strapping Federal Marshalls could take em.' Grow-a-pair, America, we're all out of bubble-gum.

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