Tuesday, November 07, 2006


...if you're a Republican. Don't vote ever-again if you feel the need to ever vote-Republican. That's right, I would prefer you never vote again. You morons have fucked-up our country because you wanted a Preznent as dumb as you are--sorry, he's dumber-than-you. This is miraculous, I know, but it's true. It took you SIX-YEARS to figure this out, which possibly makes you brain-damaged, but you finally got it: the GOP doesn't give-a-shit about you. Well duh. I knew this 25-years-ago when I was 13. Now we know what maturity-level you all haven't been operating-at. You and your delusions-of-adequacy, morons. Old? Doddering, more-like. No-excuses, you are pathetic. Fuck-you. The irony is, it doesn't matter anymore if they steal the elections and 'win' (a meaningless-term in America these-days). If we get two-more-years of the GOP and the Bush administration, they will likely undo-themselves for the next several-decades--just like with Herbert Hoover, another dumbass. A reminder: Mark Foley. Fuck-you assholes, apologize and admit you all blew-it and we can talk--but only then.