Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Brothers Emanuel (08/07/2006 repost)

NOTE: This is a reposting of an August 7th piece I did on the Emanuels. Now that Rahm and other neoliberals (the same as neocons) are vying-for-control of the House majority and its culture, I thought a small-reminder of what kind of Democrat he is would be appropriate. He's a hawk, and extremely-conservative--centrist would not describe him accurately. Strangely, he isn't going for House majority whip, but this could be a purely-symbolic move that still leaves him with more-influence. He will unfortunately be on the House Ways and Means committe with Charles Rangle (NY), so don't expect him to support progressive taxation of the wealthiest after he asked them all for money to campaign-with. Emanuel is known for his 'foul mouth' (OK, maybe he isn't half-bad), so we could be in for some fun here. A Democratic Newt Gingrich (same values) with a dirty-yob, oh boy.

Somehow, Rahm Emanuel is being toasted as the architect of the victory, when 9 of the 22 pro-war candidates he chose...lost. He is very-much like a Karl Rove in this respect, but it appears the hawks are outnumbered in the House (and the world). His ilk in the Democratic party will try to prolong the war as long as they can, and even Hillary Clinton will keep-saying we need to 'chart a new-course', meaning the same-one. They just don't get it. For some weird reason, they think they can 'win' in Iraq, when it's clear to the entire world they cannot. It was easy to hide-behind their minority-status, but now that's gone, and the spin-cycle begins in the press.

MOLOCH, MOLOCH, take this sacrifice, oh desert god! We will feed-you Persian-children to supp-on...oh, hello. Many people would say the brothers Emanuel are vapid, amoral opportunists, but I...well, let's get it from the horse's mouth. Back in November of 2005 (more ancient history, I know), when Congressman Jack Murtha spoke-out against the War in Iraq (remember?), the Hollywood superagent's brother who was once a top-advisor to Bill Clinton--now the muckety-muck Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman--strode that centrist-line. Yep, he's another one of those Hillary/Lieberman-clones who can't take-a-stand on anything, especially when it comes to murdering-Iraqis. Washpo's Charles Babington reported Rahm Emanuel's reactions to Murtha's epiphanies about Iraq in his usual-manner--he deferred to power:'Murtha's Democratic colleagues reacted warily to his remarks, while Republicans pounced. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), head of the House Democrats' campaign effort, said, "Jack Murtha went out and spoke for Jack Murtha."

As for Iraq policy, Emanuel added: "At the right time, we will have a position."At the right time"? Apparently, that means when everyone in Iraq is dead, and the boys at Exxon, Mobil, Chevron (Condi's ex-employer...or are they?), and all the other oil-whores have supped on Iraqi-blood and oil--then, and only then, will his ilk speak-out. Then, we can have NBC or HBO do a miniseries bemoaning the deaths of our victims. The profits will be enormous, wow! I should buy-stock in a media-conglomerate fast...But, I can't leave it at that, no-no-no. This megalomaniac shuns genuinely-progressive canidates in his 6th District (like Christine Ceglis), as well as voting in the House just like Lieberman does in the Senate.

As the Sun Times scribe Lynn Sweet noted in late-march:Perhaps the NRCC is not aware that Emanuel does not always vote the same way as his other more liberal colleagues in leadership, for example, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Just this March 7, Emanuel and Pelosi divided over a key vote on reauthorizing additional amendments to the controversial USA Patriot Act. Emanuel was one of 66 Democrats to vote with 214 Republicans to pass the measure. Pelosi voted with 124 Democrats and 13 Republicans against passage. Moloch, Moloch, devourer of children. Take this child as your sacrifice to war. Drink the blood of our soldiers, and the Persians...