Tuesday, November 21, 2006


THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAIN--As Americans, we are bombarded in our daily-lives with bigotry, and racism (both everyday and the institutionalized form). It is literally part of the fabric of our lives to-the-point that we are all conditioned with racist-attitudes. This includes Black Americans, though they will protest-loudly--the fact is, it's true. A majority of Blacks hate homosexuals, which is racism. All Americans harbor racist and xenophobic-attitudes, period. But some of us are hypocrites about this fact. When someone like Mel Gibson or Michael Richards does what many of us do while driving when somebody cuts-us-off in traffic, the hypocrites swarm to throw-the-heat off of themselves. He really should have just said something like, 'Wow, Black men with small-dicks, who woulda thought?' Yes, what Mr. Richards said was unacceptable, but it is protected-speech by the First Amendment. You don't believe in democracy if it only applies to what you agree-with, and I find it ludicrous to think that this man is a racist. We'll see about Gibson, but he still has the right to think and say what he wishes within the law.

It's absurd, but the more-liberal-than-thou crowd need fodder to further their ambitions and agendas. Let Black Americans have-their-say on this, it isn't your place to judge this man you rich, lily-white assholes. His career should not be affected, but we aren't a tolerant nation in a lot of cases. He has my support in this incident, but as we all know, he attended the lynching of a Black man afterwards. This is fucking ridiculous when thousands of Iraqis are being murdered by the Bush administration and much of Congress right-now. Not 160-years-ago, now.

Yes indeed, I have used the word nigger in-anger myself, and it shocked and surprised me. I felt ashamed, but should one be ashamed forever about it? No. Do I hate Black Americans? No, I like them better than so-called White America--they've done little to hurt my life. It was wrong, but there it is, not a high-crime like lying about WMDs to get us into a phony war. How about trying to understand why people say such things? You know, an open-dialog? Oh, that would disempower those with a questionable agenda. Welcome to America, home of the pseudo-liberal (you're a joke). Meanwhile, the media gets-rich on your stupidity (like that's new). Want fries with that?