Thursday, November 30, 2006


UK-- What is it with this guy? He leaves his saintly wife of several years for a bimbo nurse, and makes all these pseudo-scientific pronouncements as if they have any validity. Today, maybe he felt irrelevant, so he told us all that "we have to leave the Earth for the species to survive."

Problem: the logistics simply aren't there. Scientists tell us that to even accomplish a successful-implementation of fusion, we'd all have to go Socialist.

You think it would be any different with a project that would literally dwarf the Moon Shot? Yes, I know, we wouldn't take everyone, like on Noah's Ark--he couldn't even fit the dinosaurs and trilobites on his ark. Hawkings comments should anger and alarm most free-thinking people. Instead of all of us taking our destinies in-hand, it no-no-no-no-no, we accept that concentrated-power will always prevail and that there's no use in fighting-it. What a fascist.

Now, all I can hear is him doing sex-talk with his Texas Instruments Speak & Spell voice. He's reminding me of Carl Sagan, another man who just stopped saying anything and became bitter. Hey buddy, I've read my Philip K. Dick! Did he have hope, even at the end of his troubled-life? Yes. Hawkings thinks he's a philosopher, when in-reality, he isn't. He's a theoretician and a number-cruncher, not Zoroaster.

Hawkings displays a complete loss-of-faith in humanity on his part (worse than I!), and it's becoming typical within the sciences. Most of them are cynical ass-lick geeks, just like the other academics who only care about fame and their puny legacies. They have to rely on privileged turds for their funding, so you get the of framing of the issue he did today. It wouldn't surprise me if he knew he had to frame it all this way, or he'd lose that funding.

He doesn't believe there is any chance we'll get it together, and that we must leave Earth to the oil-companies and the other corporations. It's actually very weird, an almost religious statement. What a pathetic acquiescence to power. What a turd. It would take a minimum of 7,000-10,000 to terraform Mars to be habitable like the Earth. The closest planets that might be habitable are light-years from us.

Is is fucking insane?! Yes. He needs nursie to bobble her boobies in his face--the kid feels unwanted. At least he never got the sickle cell. He's no Heraclitus (and neither was Heraclitus, from moment-to-moment). Man, gotta get me one of those old Speak & Spells. A page out of a Philip K. Dick Cheney story, no doubt.