Tuesday, November 07, 2006


SOUTH BEND, INDIANA--It's looking solid for Joe Donnelly, with 83% of the vote having been counted as I post this, Chocola is getting a pretty good spanking. I sincerely hope he has gay-hustler Jeff Gannon's phone-number, he'll need it. It'll be time for him to resume exploiting American-workers, but this-time it's going to be in the private-sector, and permanent. Sure, he could run-again, but nobody's going to forget this White House and Congress for at least two-generations. The GOP risked-it-all, and might just be in serious-trouble as a viable-party--unless they change. It's possible that the GOP will be forced to embrace tolerance of homosexuality, for-example. But what's important is this: the time has come to begin preparing to beat-up on Joe Donnelly. What? Yes. Why? Because if you don't push him to do things that help working-class Americans, he won't. It's a no-brainer (thanks President Cheney, and you be-careful on that hunting-trip!)! Mitch Daniels, your time is coming, you ugly scarfaced-mug.

Joe said some things about Hispanic people that I thought was pretty-unpleasant. People flee the horrors in Mexico when they come to America, how dare you. They flee horrible injustice, corruption, and if they speak-out, they're often found-murdered by off-duty Policia. And you would have had them as a voting-base forever! Are you stupid? Hey, I VOTED FOR YOU, so you had better do what we say. You are ACCOUNTABLE JOE DONNELLY, remember that. We want impeachment of the President. We want an end to illegal-wiretapping of Americans. We want an Economic Bill of Rights. We want universal health-care. We want, most-of-all, radical progressive-taxation of the wealthiest Americans, and we want it now. It's the only-way to end this ridiculous-deficit the Bush administration has created with the war in Iraq, and his irrational tax-cuts for the richest.

We want it now, not later. Not next election-cycle, but this session of Congress, so be prepared to be busy the next 100-days. You will have a real mandate in the House, and possibly the Senate, and you had better use whatever gains you have by-tomorrow. The American people are basically awake and on to you and your ways. The Bush administration bungled and gave us all a rare peek behind-the curtain that a Democrat would have been too-competent to allow. That's because many of you Democrats are sneaky, but you do respond to pressure from us working-class Americans. I have to admit--you're sneakier than the GOP, you don't get-caught often. Some of you even understand that the working-class is crucial to you having any influence whatsoever, and it is time for you to begin turning-down corporate donations for Howard Dean's approach of internet-fundraising. Or better-yet, take their money and don't give them much.That's right, Joe, the internet is important. We can now watch you all like hawks, too. Ain't technology great? Yeah, it sure is.

To Former Rep. Chris Chocola: Hey, stupid! Good-riddance, you awful, pathetic, arrogant-creep. You are a heartless, greedy, power-lusting scumbag, Christopher. Your wife and kids hate you, but you know this because you're a patriarchal-asshole. I hope you lose your entire fortune from a crushing-wave of progressive taxation that I pledge to fight-for. You are history, you little-scumbag, you can eat our shit. I hope any foreign-holdings you have get nationalized by a socialist government and you lose-everything. Even better would be if I heard you were homeless. Guess what? I would help you, because people like myself are human. We're not sure about you and your ilk, as you represent the lowest-impulses present in humans. You are a criminal. If you had horns, or were from another planet, your behavior might make some kind-of-sense. Obviously, you are at the animal-level of consciousness.
The one-thing you can be thankful-for is that you won't be in-office when Federal investigators realize that you took bribes from the corporate-sector, but it might not help you anyway. Your boss in the White House is going-down, and you are the new Schuyler Colfax. Who? He was a congressman from South Bend during the Civil War, and he got-caught in a corruption-scandal too. It's his legacy, and it will be yours (if anyone bothers to remember you at all).Since you're an all-or-nothing winner, this loss is going to hurt you more than it would a normal person. I enjoy knowing this fact. 'Winning' has been redefined in the American-lexicon, you moral-imbecile.You bet-it-all on your man...and lost. Jail would be too-good for you.Your world ends with a whimper, not a bang.