Friday, November 24, 2006

Just a Few Happy-Reminders for the Holidays...

'Happy talk, keep talking happy talk, talk about things you like to do. You got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?'

Mark Foley is a pedophile. Dennis Hastert and the GOP-leadership covered it up, and Arlen Specter is old, ugly and a loser. Mainstream feminism is still an impotent and divisive club for rich women. The GOP and Democratic leadership in Congress still support the war in Iraq, which will sink them, God-willing. The American dollar will soon be almost-worthless (too-late). Habeus Corpus (the right to know why you've been dragged-to-jail) is still gone, and we're still in deep-shit with a future that looks apocalyptic. Columbus did not discover America, it discovered him. There's always hope. The Korean War never ended. You suck. The human-race is a lethal-mutation. There is no God. The vent-worms at the bottom of the oceans will survive us, since our desire to return to being primordial-slime is so strong (we're not quitters). Fortunately, Republicans don't have to take any steps in this direction, they're already there. Ewige Blumenkraft! Prague is a seat of the occult. Let's fuck! 'Republican friend' is an oxymoron for twats. The Simpsons were hilarious for 5-years. Friedrich Nietzsche died of syphilis. In-laws usually suck. Have a nice day! We will fall. There is no justice. I collect stamps. Did you take-out the trash? Punk died in 1978. Are you 'metrosexual'? Yes? You must be young and stupid then. Heavy metal hair-bands will always suck. Gay men are better conversation than the hottest women who ever-lived in the entirety of human history. We suck. Canada is friendlier than America. Many gay men hate women. Over 50% of all American marriages fail in the first two-years. Finland has a higher suicide-rate than the United States, even proportionally. Kurt Vonnegut's last decent novel was Deadeye Dick. Most women are attracted to men who show 100% certainty at-all-times. Men have nipples--why?! Yu look good in that dress (madame Yu). No, you don't look fat (I'm lying to you now). You suck. Stanley Kubrick is still dead. Happiness is a transitory-sensation. The world is round. Uranium is not the heaviest-element. People are more-interesting when they don't talk, especially young women. Iraq is a disaster. Germans do indeed love David Hasselhof. There is no truth. Dutch Elm disease changed America's landscape. The carrier pigeon tasted good. The human-race is a dead-end proposition. Men are generally taller than women. Kurt Cobain is still dead. Children are cruel. Men are base. Nobody ever got-laid at a party by whipping-out a bag of pot in a room full of women.