Tuesday, November 07, 2006


FLORIDUH--In November, University of Central [Ed.-as opposed-to the left-thigh.] Florida physicist Costas Efthimiou has proven the statistical-impossibility of infective-vampirism. There are a lot of links to stories about this guy! It's a good-study, too, debunking what a scary-number of Americans believe (yes, worse than the virgin-birth) about neck-suckers. For reasons only known-to-himself, Efthimiou has placed the hypothetical-genesis of vampires at January 1st, 1600, when the planet Earth had roughly 500,000,000 people. Keep-in-mind that this study only includes vampirism that is transmittable, causing a replication of vampires through bites. But does he follow the Hammer school of vampires, or the Tod Browning one? But what about all the other versions of vampires in world culture? In some tales, a vampire-bite simply kills the victim. In just two and one-half years, according-to Efthimiou (say it fast, good-luck), there would have been no human-beings left, just vampires. Or just no food-supply for them. Honestly, if you believed vampires were real, you'd be nuts anyway. Efthimiou forgot-to-include the GOP and their backers. The study is pop-science, go-after the fundamentalists. After-all, wouldn't vampires want you think they didn't exist? Right-wing conspiracists will be on this one for a long-time. They're used to chasing-ghosts. How-many dead will vote in the elections, and how is Dr. Efthimiou going to disprove their existence? Haw.

What They're Saying About the Study:

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