Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is Wal-mart selling Nazi paraphernalia?

THE UNITED STATES AGAIN--You gotta love reactionaries on the Left and the right. The blogosphere is going ballistic over a Wal-mart selling t-shirts with a "Nazi-skull emblem" on them. Ferchrissakes, pay attention to Iraq, watch the lame duck Congress so they don't pass any more totalitarian laws.

Just do something useful.

The image is the SS Totenkopf (death's head) symbol, often worn by American bikers. It's pretty obvious this is an overreaction and that the shirts are a mistake by a lazy graphic designer.

But what if they sold the real thing? What if they sold actual Nazi paraphernalia from 1933-1945? I wouldn't be bothered by it at all. Really? Nope. People should have physical artifacts to prove that Nazism and the Holocaust really happened. These are objects with no power other than what we project onto them.

If you think a swastika or an Iron Cross holds some strange power over you, you might consider an analyst. Wal-mart is removing the shirts, so it appears that democracy's safe for another week.
But we all know that it was Nazi paraphernalia that started WWII: an entire generation of Germans were hypnotized and obeyed all those medals, posters and uniforms, not Hitler. "But why would you even want that stuff?" I think I just said why.

[Ed., 12.28.2008--Yes, it was medals and Nazi paraphernalia that caused WWII. Not the devastation and reaction to WWI, not Versailles and the absurd reparations leveled on Germany, and not a Great Depression and a compliant conservative aristocratic establishment that allowed Hitler into Bismarck's cabinet--we can prevent another Third Reich by stamping-out any memory or reference to it. Fuck you.]