Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yes, Joe Donnelly said on local-television that 'No, this is a move to the middle,' meaning not the left, parroting the emergent party-line of conservative Democrats. Wrong, Joe. If you don't get us universal health-care, and reverse literally everything the Bush administration has had-passed as law--we're going to have your ass for-breakfast. Iraq will continue to deteriorate, and you'll be back here in South Bend, and permanently. The Democratic-majority will be short-lived if you don't end this war immediately. But it's OK, we didn't vote for you because we trusted you. It's wisest not to trust any politician at face-value, not ever. Hey, I met you at the Cinco de Mayo fair here in South Bend, Mr. Donnelly, and I shook your hand. My name is Crinkle. You show potential for being a real grass-roots guy, so do what's good for Michiana and America. If you vote to prolong-the-war, the voters will definitely punish you for it. If you don't support a new 9/11 commission, the voters will punish you for it. And if you don't support progressive taxation of the wealthy, the like will occur. You have a historic-opportunity here. Are you up to it?

The polls all point-to the fact that this was about dissatisfaction with Iraq and Washington-in-general, a referendum that we want our troops O-U-T. We're also more to-the-left than your party-hacks are. That's right, we want a whole lot of social-reform in the first100-days of this term, and you had better deliver. We donated to you, volunteered and campaigned for you, and we're watching you via-the-internet in ways that never existed the last-time you Democrats had a majority in Congress. Watch your backs. I knew you were a wishy-washy, Joe, but that's a good thing sometimes. You'll respond to pressure from us, your constituents, which could be constructive. But you really should fire your advisors and trust-your instincts, it's what defines office-holders with the goods. You had better behave during this term, Rahm Emanuel isn't your boss, WE ARE here in the 2nd district. But I have to also say: congratulations, just make us proud. Your last-name isn't Chocola, which is why I voted for you. Stay-away from Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton, Mr. Donnelly. Your constituents here don't like or trust them, but who in their right-mind does?

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