Sunday, November 19, 2006


WASHINGTON--It's entertaining to watch all of the Bush administration's allies fall. Jail? Well yes, but besides that fact they're fleeing the Bush/Cheney/Rove axis of evil as fast as they can. Now we have a Washington Post story giving us the lay of the land--even the neocons who were the architects of their respective pseudo-ideology are jumping-ship. As early as late last-year (post-Katrina), Grover Norquist began making-comments that the Democrats were needed to 'reign-in our excesses', but it was too-late then. It was obvious shortly-after the invasion of Iraq that a disaster was unfolding, beginning with the decommissioning of the Iraqi-military. This wasn't even done in Germany in the aftermath of WWII, as many of us observers noted at the time. And no, there was to be no Marshall Plan, either. Yet, as the war has worsened, and the violence has deepened, the Bush administration has continued their comparisons to that conflict. The American public responded in the elections to this impudence, and rewarded the Democratic party with a landslide-victory and control of both Houses of Congress.

But it's easiest to look at the invasion as simple criminality, akin to the robbery of a gas station, only with an occupation that is as insane as the siege of a crime-scene. Imagine that the stick-up decide to stay at the gas station, based on a similarly irrational-logic. It's as if the robbers said to themselves, 'Hey, we got enough food, water and gas to escape eventually.' But the problem is the same: the jig-is-up, and we have you surrounded. Yes, Keystone Cops. It's just a strange irrationality for a cornered-thug to hold-up the inevitable. We'll see ample-proof of this assertion when the investigations begin. There will be the standard stalling, diversionary-statements and actions, projection-of-blame (already happening) that we saw during Watergate and Iran-Contra, and even with Clinton (though he had committed greater-crimes than getting-laid).

Indeed, it's safe-to-say we can call the invasion of Iraq the largest-mounting of a gas station stick-up job. The objective was to control Iraqi-oil--not to pump more out, but to slow the flow of oil towards increasing the international-pricing. Added to this fact were the security-justifications for the last-round of gouging at the pumps, with the specter of global warming as the backdrop. The illegal-invasion bears all the hallmarks of a primitive-criminality, and there's nothing that complicated about it, really. Kenneth Adelman's (an architect of the war) final quote in the Washpo article is stunning, because it betrays its subtext: 'Most troubling, he said, are his shattered ideals: "The whole philosophy of using American strength for good in the world, for a foreign policy that is really value-based instead of balanced-power-based, I don't think is disproven by Iraq. But it's certainly discredited." ' He's admitting (openly) that he just wants the ability to project American power, a rare-glimpse into the behind-the-scenes culture in Washington. Oddly, the author of the article (Peter Baker) doesn't note this, but deserves credit for giving us the quote. So, Adelman's lesson from Iraq is...well, nothing. He never believed in any lofty-goals, he lied. What a surprise, I know. And what a genius that Karl Rove was, illustrating that all the neocons could manage was seizing-power, just not governing. You got me: this is what they have-in-common with National Socialism and her sister, Bolshevism.

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