Sunday, November 19, 2006


WASHINGTON--I heartily-agree with Rep. Rangel, and while we're going to do this, let's hammer-shut all the deferrments. This is something I am certain Rangel wants, too. Yes, I'm against-the-war, and I believe it's a good-idea. Americans--especially the youngest of young-adults--will no-longer be able to ignore a war like Iraq again, there will be no room for apathy. Especially when the children of the middle class and the wealthy start getting-killed in large-numbers. But this is key to readoption, making it a shared-responsibility in a time of war. It's a hard argument to disagree-with, as an all-volunteer military has still been disproportionately-populated by the poor since the removal of the draft in 1973 (by the GOP). Rangel's primary-aim is to change this fact. Yes, even white trailer-trash. But he really does have an overarching-goal in bring the draft back, and that's to damage the war machine's ability to expolit the poor.

Congressman Rangel says he wants the draft to provide more-troops for Iraq as a counter to McCain's call for more-troops, but I think this is a bit of a red-herring. He knows full-well it would hasten the end of the war by the inevitable groundswell that would occur. Americans only respond when things affect them directly--something Rangle wants to make tangible and real, and I support his approach. The American public should never be able to escape the responsibility of their or their government's actions. You want a war? Great, we're sending your kids too. Still want this war now? This logic is inescapable, and I love it. Sure, a bunch of bleeding-hearts from the more-liberal-than-thou crowd will gripe, but they're wrong. Rangle even offered the alternative of a couple-years doing public-service as an alternative to duty in a war-effort. He submitted a bill requesting a return of the draft prior to the invasion of Iraq, and I supported that move then. I like this man, he shook Malcolm X's hand when it was dangerous to. He also said Malcolm was Harlem's best-citizen, which was also unpopular during the mid-1960s. Rangel also looks like Caesar Romero, which is cool. He is a swank-looking man, with the class of Percy Sutton and W.E.B. DuBois, impressive. And he has his hair conked (the process), which looks smart coupled with a nice-suit. Just increase those Estate taxes and enact some progressive taxation again, Rep Rangel. The American people expect this from you.