Wednesday, November 22, 2006


'The middle-of-the-road is the most-dangerous place to be.'
--from John Carpenter's THEY LIVE

THE UNITED STATES AGAIN--Watch for Democrats like James Carville, Rahm Emanuel, 'ittle Chuckie Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and all the other DNC conservatives get kicked to the curb in the next-year. Wha? Yup. Americans don't want a rush to the center, they didn't vote that way in the elections. How do I know this? Look back at the campaign-ads, and you will see a clearly progressive-message. The pols at the DNC & DCCC (like Emanuel) know damn well the public wants some substantial-reforms, not just some half-measures that accomplish nothing. We want change now. If they don't deliver on serious oversight and investigations into GOP-wrongdoing, end the war in Iraq by the end of next-year, and rollback illegal-wiretapping and Bush administration tax-cuts for the wealthiest, they're done. This is the last-chance here, this is it. Either Democrats deliver on reforms, or we have a breakdown of this society, and it's not coming later, it's coming sooner this-time. There will be nowhere to run.

If the Democrats don't deliver some relief for the American worker, we can expect upheavals that could shatter their party. The GOP's time could well-be-up too, since they literally have nothing to offer voters in the economic realm, just a lot of race and gay-baiting, but nothing of substance. Most Americans know that the GOP is 100%-beholden to corporate-interests, and they want new laws that break these ties to both parties. Do both parties generally seem 'moderate'? Maybe compared to public-opinion, but that's relative, isn't it? There is an obvious disconnect in opinon. Look at the polls on various social-issues: does public-opinion look moderate now? The 'prevailing-wisdom' is a crock, and it just comes-off as another insult to the intelligence of even the most daft of individuals (like mainstream Democrats and Republicans). The 'prevailing-wisdom' is actually the extremist-side of the spectrum, but they can keep calling themselves 'middle-of-the-road', because that's where they're going to stay until they're no-longer holding public-office. Yes, even a good chunk of Democrats in Congress are basically Republicans in-disguise (and not very good ones either). Fortunately, there are now enough progressives in both houses to cause some trouble for these shills. Young people are aware of these ploys, and voted-accordingly.

But think of the term 'middle-of-the-road'. Does it sound sexy? Would you have-sex with someone who was 'middle-of-the-road'? Would you hire a mechanic who was middle-of-the-road to fix your car? Would you go see a middle-of-the-road movie (don't answer)? Do the last six-years seem like a moderate course? Well, you would if you were ugly, stupid, perverted, and greedy like most politicos (and Americans). You think the GOP is alone in being corrupt, and that all-is-well now? You're daft. Nobody but a nut, a loser or a coward likes being lukewarm, it sucks. But, as the last six-years have proven, continuing a so-called 'centrist' position just means you're right-wing, with an agenda that will wreck this nation. Most of the same Democrats (John Kerry, Hillary Clinton) who voted-for the invasion of Iraq still cannot form a coherent-strategy because they also want to 'win' the war (whatever that means).

They're against protecting American jobs, the wages of workers and their ability to form unions and bargain with their employers, or even access to adequate medical-care--anything the public wants, they don't want for the public. Sounds radical and extremist, doesn't it? You would think they don't have any respect for democracy at all. Claiming a centrist-stance just means you're a liar who's using the phraseology of the demagogue. Middle-of-the-road? Not sexy. Nancy Pelosi is off to a great-start and they haven't even begun the next-session of Congress, so the same interests who back many DNC and GOP-hacks are attacking her. Howard Dean's approach is the future of the Democratic party, or there isn't one for it. Grassroots, or death.

PS: 'tt', fuck-you.