Friday, November 03, 2006

Bob Ney resigns today

Washington D.C.--Today was Bob Ney's (R-Oh.) last day as a congressman.

It's a mixed-bag situation: Ney is one of three Republicans in Congress who voted-against the Patriot Act in 2001.

Ney also voted against normalizing trade relations with China in 2000.

All-in-all, he's a moderate Republican in an ocean of GOP-Bolshevism. But, he's still corrupt. He's the one member of Congress so far who has admitted criminal acts in the Abramoff scandal involving illegal lobbying. One has to wonder if he's the fall-guy they needed, enabling the others (less-moderate incumbents?) in the GOP who haven't been served a subpoena to breath free-air a little longer.

Or at least long enough to keep protecting George W. Bush and his administration as well as all the other crooks in Congress (counting Democrats too) who are obstructing justice by not seriously investigating the rampant criminality that has been a hallmark of this presidency. I'm hoping several Lieberman-like Democrats get caught in the Abramoff net, like Hillary Clinton.

The timing of Ney's resignation is strange, it must have been touch-and-go whether the Bush administration would still need him to retain a majority after November. Apparently, they know something at the GOP that we all don't (a different tactic to steal the elections again?). Maybe they expect a domestic insurrection over this election? The third time's a charm.