Monday, November 27, 2006


'The people will have the opportunity to punish the oligarchy and the political parties.' --Rafael Correa

ECUADOR--AP is reporting that Leftist economist Rafael Correa has won the Ecuadoran Presidential election in what appears to be yet another rejection of IMF policies by the people of a Latin American nation. Correa also includes-himself amongst the allies of Hugo Chavez, and so we can see that a nexus of Populist control of South America is emerging here. These are heady-days for the region, and will likely embolden progressive-tendencies in the United States and Mexico, lynchpins in pushing-back what has been decades of a corporate-advance on the poorest populations within the Western Hemisphere. Correa has called President George W. Bush 'dimwitted', like the majority of humanity.

I like this man already. Correa has a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Illinois. He flatly-refuses signing any free-trade agreements with Washington. I hope he defaults on all of those loans, the Rockefellers and the other financiers are rocks. They'll be OK, their interests aren't mine or the average American's. Also in his favor: he is not allowing any US military bases in Ecuador. He has similar leverage as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, as Ecuador also has substantial oil-deposits. Thanks, George W. Bush, you're making that wave of Populist Socialism I always wanted happen faster than any of us would have dreamed possible! And those pesky exit polls--you'd think the rest of the entire world found them valid (except when a Bush runs-for-office, then the bets are off).

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