Saturday, November 11, 2006

Karl Rove and Math

WASHINGTON--It appears obvious that Karl Rove's own secret-statistics and special math (special-ed. math--boo-yah!) were simply in his bulbous-head. He is GIANT BABY-MAN, after-all. Of course, none of the fallout was the fault of Karl Rove and President George W. Bush, but 'forces beyond our control.' Correct in-part, but really just another diversionary-tactic. The public (and the entire world) is tired of your policies in Iraq, it was the primary-reason for the results based on exit-polls. Yes, exit-polls. The rest of the world follows them, except the US during-and-after the 2000 elections. Before that, they were unassailable. Interestingly, Rove tells Time he still isn't buying-them, and this is consistent with 2000. He's going to have to accept feeling alone about this. It was this attitude that sank them, a contempt for public-opinon and the public-will (nevermind the common-good). By telling Americans, 'no, that's not what you think', is only going to piss-them-off.

But we've known for some-time that the Bush administration was irrational and anti-intellectual, and simply not up-to-the-job of running the government. Strangely, this was helpful to their image early-on--certain voters got to enjoy a President who was actually less-intelligent than they were. The problem is, it doesn't work, and the public figured-it-out. The neocons just wanted to let their backers feed at the public-trough and enjoy the power for however-long they could maintain the fiction that they were actually qualified to hold public-office. It was a seizure-of-power, not sour-grapes from the losing-side (Al Gore & the public). There should be investigations into the elections of 2000 and 2004, and even 2006. I am all-for-it, but if such Democratic-hacks as Rahm Emanuel get the majority-posts, it likely won't happen. As far as investigations go--where do you even begin? There's so-much for prosecutors to choose-from it dizzying, even the Teapotdome scandal seems quaint now.

Rove wants to dispel-the-notion that it was simply the war in Iraq, because he has to. It all hinges on Iraq, ultimately, because it isn't going-away anytime soon. Many of the scandals we experienced since the Spring of 2003 surrounded the run-up to war, as well as criminal-policies that led to such scandals as Abu-Ghraib, illegal-rendition and those pesky secret CIA-prisons that have yet-to-be-closed. Even the Democrats won't discuss the permanent bases in Iraq, not even now after the sweep. And where is Russ Feingold? Like Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders, they're trying to push liberals in the party to-the-margins.

This can be combatted in the blogosphere, and the opening-shots have already begun. But realize that there will be far-greater revelations in the coming-months as the investigations unfold. It's not even the darkest-day for the GOP yet. I would go-as-far as to recommend bracing-yourselves, because American soldiers have committed atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan that are actually going to outshine the ones during the Vietnam war once they've been revealed. If we had any innocence before, we won't have much of that naivete that we're known-for left. I think the average American suspects this, and I think it was part of the decision to vote the GOP out-of-office as a majority. Exit-polls are accurate, and we know that Karl Rove's math and head are both fuzzy. Didn't Jim Henson make him in the 1970s?