Friday, September 08, 2006

Pinochet Loses Legal Immunity

In a Friday decision from Chile's Supreme Court, the CIA's man in Santiago, Augusto Pinochet, has finally lost "immunity from prosecution," reports the AP. The man is 90! He has used every possible stalling-tactic invented, as well as being protected by British and American authorities for decades. This took too-long, this idiot took-orders from Richard Nixon.

Someone really should have done this 20-years-ago, but at least it's finally happened. The former dictator has been faking dementia and other symptoms to keep out of prison, but at least he's been hounded for a decade now.

Pinochet's troops used the National stadium and the Villa Grimaldi to torture and execute their Leftist-opposition. Grimaldi sounds an awful lot like Salo. DeSade was more a chronicler, than a writer of fiction, and wrote the simple truth about the gentry. '120 Days of Sodom' is happening every day. If you bust Pinochet, you ruin the fun for everyone else who plays the same terrorist game.

It has been 33-years since the coup in Chile--an entire generation! These are the prospects of justice when one is protected by the super-rich, but Augusto Pinochet has had to use a lot his life and energy evading this moment in history. It's a shame that so many helped him, and history will not look-kindly upon the American State Dept. or the Foreign Office in the UK. It is to the credit of Chileans that they didn't grab this moron Mossad-style like Eichmann, and try-him earlier. They were patient, and they decided to follow the rule-of-law. Americans should take-note.