Monday, September 04, 2006

"Cognitive-Dissonance", Rage-on.

Feeling "morally confused"? So am I, and thanks Sec. Rumsfeld, we would never have known the error of our ways without your guidance. Our misreadings of WWII were "wrong", and we apologize for being so dumb--nobody-much, just 60% of the American-population. When someone like Rumsfeld starts projecting what they are onto others ("Islamofascist", half-right), and accuses the public of having problems he clearly exhibits, you know that man is torn.

Donald Rumsfeld is a man who has basically admitted how wretched and divided he is as a man, and projected that onto-us. People say weird shit when they're under intense-pressure from irrational demands. We know better than he does, but orders are orders (from Dick Cheney), even though illegal-ones were ruled indefensible at Nuremburg in 1946. But, we only follow American-laws, right? Nope, not even those. Knowing the bosses are full-of-shit is crucial to owning one's mind, so maybe there's a fragment of who he once was making him miserable. I would say he is typical of the authoritarian-type, and most of us have had the misfortune to encounter jackapes like this in our work-lives.

But his bosses are worse, far-worse. George W. Bush is the aloof, irresponsible ownership (though barely that), while Cheney is the muscle and real power behind the throne. Cheney-in-particular has placed the irrational demands upon Rumsfeld with his overarching PNAC-framework, and the demands have been unprecedented. The best way to imagine it is bullies bullying bullies to do-their-bidding, a perverse hierarchy. It seeps-into our lives at every level, too, it's a dynamic of primate politics. The best-cure is to refuse obedience, and not-doing-so has its prices--evident in the wreck that is Donald Rumsfeld, but also in the rage of Bush-supporters these-days.

How do I know this? I protest every-week, sometimes twice and three-times in our downtown area. Our group hits the main-highway that passes in-front of the Federal Court building. Hundreds of cars pass during the time we're out, and the response is overwhelmingly-positive towards ending the war and impeaching the Bush administration. On-occasion, we'll get someone who drives-by and yells, "Get a job!" and "Go Bush!" or "Fuck you!" The anger is really palpable with these chowderheads, and I find it funny and entertaining watching them make-fools of themselves. But why the anger? It's just like Rummy: cognitive-dissonance. It applies to all these GOP-congresspeople who have supported the Bush administration. The shills know they're a mark, and that the Bush administration is going to use all of them as shield of scapegoats. Expect strange-comments and behavior from these cads...oops, too-late.

They know that they're wrong, unintelligent, and compromised as people. They know they're chumps and fools, because if they didn't, they wouldn't bother being-angry. They also know that they're intellectually-lazy to be credible as citizens, so they take the anti-social, conformist-route like they did during the Cold War and Gulf War. It doesn't wash anymore, and they know it, because all the polls clearly-illustrate that the majority doesn't want the war in Iraq. This frustrates the conformist-urge, reminding them what chumps and fools they are, so they explode when they see us and our signs. We remind them that they are a joke. I enjoy reminding them, you should too! It's fun, and free and more fun than TV! Try it today, in your hometown. If so-called conservatives and super-patriots think they are so right (pun-intended), why do they get so angry? Because they feel like the sucker-assholes that they are.