Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Laura Bush, the GOP's Secret Weapon (Chocola Still a Coward)

According to a new poll Laura Bush's popularity rating is 80% while President Bush's rating is down to 47%. When she heard this Laura said[,] 'Hey, it's just like our grades in college.'
--Jay Leno

Thank you for your concern about our country. Thank you for supporting Chris [Chocola]. May God bless you, and may God bless America.

--Pres. george W. Bush, Oct. 31st (when the sun won't burn him), 2002

Do one thing every day that scares you.
--Eleanor Roosevelt

SOUTH BEND, CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE--First Lady Laura Bush is being sent to show-support for GOP Rep. Chris Chocola at a fundraiser in early-October, since her ratings are detectable to humans. Since as far back as May, the mainstream-media has been testing the waters for Karl Rove's new strategy of using the librarian-shibboleth at GOP fundraisers. This has been in-the-works for at least a year, as part of the President's 'insurance-policy', once his own political-capital was expended (not that he really had any with the public, only Congress). A Washpo piece from September 20th notes that she 'convened an international conference on literacy.' The very-next-day, she was criticizing the UN into action on a 'humanitarian crisis in Burma'. Darfur was already taken that week by George Clooney and the President.

Laura Bush is no Eleanor Roosevelt. She has never had a 'sustained role' in public-policy, instead being a docile First Lady, often referred-to as a 'traditional role'. Most feminists will know this code. She is an insult to intelligent people everywhere, if we are to believe she has had any other significant role than to raise-money for GOP-candidates ike Chocola. Last-week, the President, had a Gallup approval-rating of 39%, while his wife's was at 82%. This is why she has been making the rounds at the fundraisers more than her husband--it's called a leadership-vacuum.

It's tough when you're the very-first President to admit-publicly you have violated the law several-hundred times. But, it's even-worse when you have a failing-war in Iraq, scandals exploding everywhere, and political-associates being downed by these scandals. More GOP-congressmen will fall, regardless of the outcome of the November congressional-elections, this is a given. Also, in January, expect shocking-revelations from the Libby trial, where many of VP Dick Cheney's internal-records will become public. It isn't going to be pretty to the naive. So, what they have is nothing...or do they? Certainly, they can harp on programs that were already-in-place before they forced their way into the Oval office:

"Mrs. Bush has a platform ... to highlight things that are working," McBride said.
This is "her pulpit, if you will," she said. "We're going to keep doing everything that we have been doing. ... We're very conscious of the time that's left." (Silva, Chicago Tribune, 09/15/06)

What have they really done for the American people? Nothing good, they have only taken. There is no leadership in Washington nowadays, no adversarial-relationship with Big business, and it is badly-needed. So what do you say when you're this kind-of-creature? You trot-out empty nationaist rhetoric and publicity-stunts that are hollow. No more of Laura's recipes for chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies: the First Lady cares about literacy in the Third World. She probably does care, but the overarching-goals aren't hers, and they only serve the political-aims of her husband and his associates. She should be condemned for this, and mocked. Comedienne Sandra Bernhard said on the View that the First Lady seemed 'overmedicated', but you would too if your life was a lie, and your husband was a liar. Here's to the GOP going the way of the Whig Party.