Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Chavez Speech (Bravo)

NEW YORK CITY--Most of the world has now heard-of, or read-about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech that railed-against American Empire, and President George W. Bush's foreign-policies. I noticed something strange while watching the clips on CNN--Chavez was carrying a book with an English-title. Today, we find-out that it was a book by someone noteworthy, and it wasn't Bob Woodward or Ann Coulter.

Mainstream commentators (particularly television, though NPR cancelled an interview with Chomsky several years-ago) have been very careful not to mention the name of the man Chavez lauded at the beginning of his speech: Dr. Noam Chomsky, the most-quoted intellectual in the West, and the finest-critic of American foreign-policy. The San Francisco Gate is reporting that Chavez was recommending Chomsky's 'Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance', an astute foreign-policy analysis from 2003, and that its sales are spiking at's and Barnes & Noble's online-sites. This is all pleasing to me, because in late-1994, I had a brief-correspondence with Dr. Chomsky. It culminated in an interview that I published in my little 'zine, my last year of college. Watch this space for the interview.

Read the transcript, it's an eye-opener. President Chavez goes to great-lengths in explaining that his problems are with the State Department/US government and multinationals, not the American people. I believe him. How many violent-deaths is George W. Bush responsible-for, and how many for Chavez? George W. Bush is the Devil--our devil. We need to send him straight-to-hell where he came-from. The transcript can be found at:

Coming-soon: Buckaroo Banzai VS. The Dick Cheney World Crime League