Sunday, September 17, 2006

George W. Bush: A 'Cronenbergesque' Prediction

CRAWFORD (where he usually is)--The Preznent's nervous-system will implode from atrophy (no use), and his head will expand to the size of a basketball. His face will look more lizard-like, and his tongue will become forked, making David Icke proud-of-himself. Unfortunately, El Prez's head will not explode like in the movie 'Scanners', disappointing 90% of humanity. Instead, as it becomes clear that he could be the first non-human President to go to prison, his behavior will become more-and-more bizarre. Seemingly impossible, I know, but it will. No baby will be safe during this period. Even Kenneth Anger and William F. Buckley will be creeped-out. Children will go-missing, showing-up on milk cartons--what? They do already? OK, there will be more. Bush will levitate, because it will be the last law he hasn't broken. When things get really bad, Cheney will provide him with an escape-pod to his home-planet. Their missions complete, the neocons will shed their human-forms exposing their Cthuloid-appearances and eat their supporters. Does America have WMDs? You-bet, bucky.