Thursday, September 21, 2006

Indiana Now Officially 'Center of the Universe', Chocola Still a Coward

SOUTH BEND--As I sit writing this, I can hear the sound of full-automatics firing at the local FOP-range. The bursts are long, and loud. You wouldn't know there was an uprising here for the noise, and neither would Chris Chocola. The London Times article is now available online, and it paints a very unsettling-picture for Republicans nationwide. If you cannot win as a GOP-candidate in backwater-Indiana, you can forget the rest of the union. Hoosiers (originally a derogatory-term that meant 'unskilled-laborer') are ignorant, and it's an ignorance that is deep-seated.

In-general, Hoosiers are a greedy, lazy, anti-intellectual population. You come here if you cannot make it somewhere-else in America. It's easier here, because most things are cheaper, but Indiana is also a hard-luck state where many people are simply on-their-own (the real-meaning of an 'ownership society'). The last public-lynching occurred in Marion, Indiana in the 1930s, a far-cry from Eugene Debs or Booth Tarkington. It isn't hard to be exceptional in this state. At one-time, Indiana was considered a pretty literate and well-educated state where many of the nation's best-teachers were created. No more.

However, the article focuses-on the 2nd congressional district, where I live. The focus gets even more-specific--the southern-part of the 2nd district, where all the farmers and meth-addicts live. Rednecks. What I found most-galling in the article is that there is only one-reason these traditional GOP-voters are tired-of Chocola: Iraq. That's fine, but what-about domestic-surveillance? What about the economy (it's terrible here)? Plamegate? The fact that 9/11 happened on his watch? The fact that he allowed Osama Bin Laden to escape from Tora Bora? The dozens of reveleations that the Bush administration is corrupt and has broken-the-law?

The list is endless, and not even Nixon would have dared this gauntlet of corruption. Still, I'll take Iraq if it removes the GOP from-power for another 50-years. This shouldn't be hard, since it appears the US will be there for years-more, making it the gift (from themselves) that keeps-on-giving for the GOP. So far, they're following my script, and I'm just sitting-back. Chocola fears a backlash because he's in-bed with George W. Bush. Kick em' when they're down. America is long-overdue for a massive tarrin'-n'-featherin'.