Saturday, September 02, 2006

Because I Say-So (Civil War)

Taking-a-page from Nazi-propaganda from the Stalingrad-debacle, President George W. Bush has today stated "there is no Civil War in Iraq." Well, he's the decider, but just because you say it over-and-over again, and your pundits in the media you control say it--don't make-it-so. If I were an insurgent on the ground fighting-against Muslims of another-sect, I'd make Bush suffer for his words with another attack. You can bet someone on the ground there will in the intervening-days. Most Germans knew that Stalingrad was a losing-battle. How? Returning-troops told them. More-and-more troops are doing the same now, and we can expect more genuine horror-stories, and soon. Thanks to George W. Bush and his administration, we're not-only less safe, we have new-enemies we never imagined were possible. "Because I say-so," is a comment from a bully who wants us to take-him-down, and we should oblige this asshole.