Friday, September 01, 2006

Conrad Burns' Dentures Begin Speaking on their own

Maybe it began with Ulysses S. Grant (compounded by alcoholism), but I would even wager that old George Washington suffered from a bit of dementia. No, not the George the III-degree, where he literally had a bluish-urine, just a touch daft. But what if a President was already stupid--like Reagan--and simple before they started going soft? No, this isn't about George W. Bush. It's about Conrad Burns and his senile comments about terrorists driving taxis. WTF?!
I'm exasperated by the idiocy of this comment. The first few words he actually had me for a moment: ..."a faceless enemy, blah-blah-blah... ." He isn't the only dodderer, a few other GOP Senators who are vulnerable seem to be dropping racial slurs everywhere they go! Take George Allen's "maccaca" statement to a man at a politicial rally. It's weird, strange "nigger-baiting," but that seems to be all the Republican Party has left anymore. Racism and homophobia. Maybe it's all they ever had.
We do have a "faceless enemy" in America--CEOs, major shareholders, and concentrated wealth in general being unchecked. The first thing a Democrtic President had better do in their first 30 days is to repeal the Bush tax cuts, with major increases for anyone worth more than $2 million. Americans know that their faceless dictatorship is big business and finance, coupled with a criminal cronyism in Washington. But no, according to Conrad Burns, it's immigrant taxi drivers in our major cities, whatever. Would someone's handlers put this old nigger-baiter to bed? Nope, the "nice little Guatemalan man" comment wasn't enough, or telling Montana firefighters they were "doing a piss-poor job"fighting a major wildfire. He just seems obsolete, like a stand-in from an Arthur Miller play. "This once-great man, blah-blah-blah!" But, he's just crapping himself in public-places. It's embarrassing, maybe we could get him some diapers? He's 71. The drool cup is calling out for Mr. Burns, after he is either convicted in a lobbying scandal, or he loses the election. Here's to hoping for both!

Burns just reminds me of George Wallace before he was shot, putting him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He was just a swaggering moron, and he wasn't even a racist with much conviction. Like I said, a baiter. Ooops! He spilled it, but now the comments are out there as "codewords" to all the closeted-racists. Nevermind Mel Gibson--if we applied the same standards to Burns as we did to you, we'd we tarrin'-n'-featherin' the bastard today.
That's an idea. Montanans: vote this embarrassment out, he's making you all look stupid and dowdy. I know you're better than him, so do the right thing when you vote. After the comments at the Laura Bush fundraiser, Burns's teeth left in a limo. Burns left later on, also in a limo. He had no comment, his false teeth made all the statements. The party of Lincoln my ass. With troglodytes like this in the Senate, we shouldn't wonder why we're in the mess we are in at all.