Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bush Admits CIA Prisons Exist, Farts, Then Kills Journalist with Dirtbike

Our CIA prisons: It's true, they exist, but only when the mainstream media reports George W. Bush saying it. Never mind that the blogs and the rest of the internet were reporting this story for months, and forget about the fact that the "host" countries were discovering and reporting them, there are no CIA prisons unless we tell you.

The whole affair is a violation of several treaties signed by the United States, including the UN Charter on Human Rights, but will anyone be prosecuted? We'll see, we're still waiting for some action on the roving wiretaps at the NSA. Since Arlen Specter promised hearings and an investigation in February, we should see a serious investigation on the scale of the Warren Commission in 2025. As we know, it could only have been Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, who shot President Kennedy from the School Book Depository. [Ed., 09.21.2008--Something authors Dan Moldea and Bill Keisling believe, amazing.]

Pay no attention to the Grassy Knoll. I guess the wheels of government turn-slowly, especially when one's own party is losing-power and influence because the major-players are too incompetent to take a bribe discretely (like Spiro Agnew). When-in-doubt, it's best to classify everything!

It appears that today, action is coming for the wiretaps: GOP-drafted pap that basically accomplishes roughly the same terms as FISA! Fearing they won't be re-elected, a few members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are breaking-ranks with other Republicans. They want to tighten controls and increase oversight on the NSA program. This is going even further than Arlen Specter wanted, and
we can assume, much to his chagrin. There are at least four competing intelligence oversight bills now! This is funny:
In July, Specter announced what he called "a major breakthrough" when he presented legislation backed by the White House that would allow the administration to submit the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program to a secret intelligence court for review of its legality. Under the bill, the secret court that now administers surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act would be permitted to review the legality of the program as a whole and not individual wiretaps, which could continue without warrants. (Washington Post, 9/06/06)
The ACLU and even high-level Democrats say this is rewarding the President for violating FISA. Well duh. Meanwhile...meanwhile, nothing. The American anti-war movement seems content at little-or-no-movement. Maybe a bowel-movement, but nobody's getting very creative of doing things that are effective and actionable.

Come on, the Quakers can't save the world alone, Jesus. Where are the arrests? Where is the civil disobedience? Apparently, things are so tight economically, that those risks are scarier. Will we do something once we've lost everything? I doubt it, but surely there is a point where people are going to truly get it, and begin disobeying.

We should have rampant general strikes over the revelations of Bush administration criminality--as it would have happened under Nixon--but nada, feh. Bleah. It seems that Dick Cheney's head would have to split-open with hundreds of demons streaming-out for people to understand he's an evil president. Speaking of that, I've heard Bush is a breath-away from the Presidency.

To be fair, there have been massive demonstrations against the war, and the media has done her usual job of purposefully under-counting it, flat-out lying about the numbers, enacting selective-coverage, and many times, no coverage at all. Cindy Sheehan and the Gold Star mothers have been doing some real actions, and I applaud them. I always appreciate people honking in-approval when our group is out with our signs, but why not pull-over and join-up?

It has happened, but it should happen more. But the rest of you: WTF? Are you cowards? Are you lazy? Stupid? What's the problem? Get off your asses like you all should have done in 2000, and take your country back. Show people what Americans are really made-of, besides talk.