Wednesday, September 27, 2006


"I will not take the position of opposing this program, because I don’t… Actually I am pleased with this gesture… What would be an adverse impact would be if people who are uncomfortable with Venezuelan politics simply say that this is a bad thing…"

--Sen. Richard Lugar (R- IN)
“Senador Republicano Insta a EE.UU Mejorar Relaciones con Venezuela”, El Universal, Dec 7, 2005

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--The Dallas-based, 7-11 convenience store chain is dropping CITGO from over 2,100 of their 5,900 stores after this-week. Articles about this go back as far as June, so why the big-push on this in the media now?
Surprise-surprise: Chevron will be picking-up-the-slack, Condi Rice's old-employer. Buy CITGO if you don't want your money to continue going to Middle Eastern terrorists and their backers. So far, CITGO's site isn't commenting on any of this, which is appropriate. But we all know full-well that 17 of the 9/11 hijackers were Venezuelan, and NOT Saudi. Sorry, I was using logic and objectivity there. Things are definitely heating-up here, since another country's leader called the President 'the devil'. It was euphemistic--Chavez called him an 'asshole' before, too (also euphemistic).

But according to reactionaries, no-no, buying CITGO supports terrorism--even while not one act of terrorism in the United States (or anywhere) has been ascribed to Chavez's five-terms as President of Venezuela. I should note here that their elections are considered more-secure than ours. Most of this so-called 'boycott' began on January 31st, when the ultra right-wing AFA (American Family Association) announced a boycott, and it floundered. Nevermind that Chavez ordered CITGO to provide cheap heating-oil for poor-families in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, the AFA is about families and Chavez is a terrorist. Sure. Name ONE corporation that is cutting heating-fuel-costs to help the poor in America, there are none. Luckily, I know of three other CITGO stations that are free-standing nearby my home, and will now buy nothing-but CITGO gasoline. Expect a price-war from the Venezuelan-owned oil company soon, everyone will be wanting their gas. You think the GOP and Texas-businessmen exerted-pressure on 7-11? Nawwww...

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