Monday, September 18, 2006

My Confidential Private-Security Source in Iraq

THE MIDDLE EAST--It was ten-years-ago that I worked with my source, it was in a non-profit organization that helped troubled-kids. He was pretty obsessed with the militia-movment at that time, and tended towards the Libertarian--but he was and is a reasonable guy. For a time, he was also an MP in the military, so his crossover into private-security wasn't difficult or atypical. Many of the people in these firms are ex-military, it's common. It's crazy, but true: two-years-ago, he told me something I will never forget. We were running 'covert-ops inside Iran' to 'destroy parts of their infrastructure.'

Iran wasn't even a big-deal at that time, so it didn't really faze me, but now there are stories that we are doing these missions in the media again. Well, we are doing these missions, and they are ongoing. The denials are false, and my source's story supports the contention that we are. President Nixon denied we were doing the same-thing in Cambodia, and it was a lie. We were in Cambodia, and illegally. It's bad-enough that we are illegally-occupying Iraq, but this is poking the hornet's nest, it truly is. Bush wants his war with Iran, he might just get-his-wish. The problems will begin piling-up for his administration after that, if it is imaginable compared to the present.